My first visit to Weimar I discovered the Gingko Museum.  Later I found a photogram of gingko leaves from the early Weimar Bauhaus.  This Spring, when I took up screen printing I began working with my idea of wallpaper motif and design inspired by visits to the Victoria & Albert and William Morris Museums.  I aspire to work with block printing, but I love the immediacy of serigraphy.  My process is slow because I draw then cut all my stencils by hand.  Recently, I was reading about how Efstratios Tériade’s printers produced Matisse’s Jazz prints via brush stenciling so I gave it a go.  Earlier I mentioned how closed lines make me feel completion, this is also seen throughout the history of illumination and illustration, probably because it feels strange to some of us?  It’s also common in William Morris prints and wallcoverings.

Brush stenciled gouache through gingko cuttings.  2015.

Portfolio Item 18