At the moment, I am exploring as many possibilities as I can learn for printmaking in the darkroom.  From the internegative used for 0011, I also contact printed that B&W internegative onto color paper in the darkroom.  The biggest challenge was the filter pack adjustments to reflect the palette of the original painting.  In the end, I tried with this B&W internegative as well as with a color one. Interestingly, it worked out best with this B&W negative.

Sacha Hladiy photographed by Jean-Marc Bihan-Faou.  ‘The Sun’ montage from The White Rat.  Gouache, acrylic and ink illustration is on manually sized, handmade mulberry bark calligraphic paper.  Scanned Kodachrome negative from The White Rat illustrations.  Illustration produced in 2004.  Cyanotype collage from internegative produced in 2015.