Chandra Brooks

I have always been a serious, active and motivated Creative Practitioner.  When I was in Primary School I entered a competition which turned out to be my first public exhibition.  An exhibition which did not realize I was a child artist.  It was only at the opening that they realized that I was a child, now exhibiting work amongst adults.  When I was a child Mama kept me busy with all kinds of lessons.  For my siblings it was something to do, for me it was preparatory work.  We had cake decorating and baking lessons after school.  The others went off afterwards snacking and enjoying leftovers.  I went home, dragged out old copies of Julia Childs and The Joy of Cooking/Baking and learnt how to make candies, pastries and more.  When I began taking drawing lessons in gradeschool and my instructor told me that the most difficult thing to draw was an egg, I had to devote myself to the task until I could.  No, this was not what we were doing in the lessons, but I managed.  It took me a year, but I could draw a realistic egg with pencil and a gummy erasure for value variation on what paper.