Work – In – Progress

Work – In – Progress

When I began my project, The Universal Fairytale I had no idea about how to make any of it happen or work out.  I had a vision and I didn’t have most of the exact skills or knowledge required to pull it off.  That didn’t phase me because passion like this makes all obstacles insurmountable.  If I could bottle the potential my passion for The White Rat creates within me, I wouldn’t have had to figure out how to create a viable income from the content of this project.

The articles in this blog document:

  • how concept became image
  • and how my personality then dictated the range of products created to showcase these via United Colors of N.I.M.B.Y. 

The folio and leaves of this section of the site are ever green, so please visit often or subscribe to catch them as they blossom.

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