This collage is from the Sanskrit adaptation of “La Rate Blanche” by Chandra Brooks.

These first edition prints were produced as affordable limited edition offset prints which invite a wide range of the public the opportunity to own material from The Universal Fairytale as decorative home additions.

The Aniconic Arabic prints were photographed by Miriam May in her Berlin studio in 2009.  During the process she did the first experiments with coloring my images.  This inspired what I’m now doing with prints such as the Water Series.  Miriam also worked with creating sculptural shadow details from Die Weiße Ratte.

Odi Bussman worked with light cuttings which were projected onto linen in “the green” room of het Fijnhout Theatre in Amsterdam in 2007.

Frank Verkbeek‘s images from Die Weiße Ratte were photographed in natural light in Amsterdam in 2007.  Frank’s images have been translated into textile motifs, black and white tiles and the invitation card for the Berlin Carre exhibition.

Çağdaş Öğüt photographed the material from The White Rat on Kodachrome slide film a few months before the Swiss Kodachrome lab closed itself for business.  The Kodachrome slides lend themselves well to printing on non-photographic paper even in the magnifying glass dimensions (2x4cm) of “La Rate Blanche” where the details remain clear beyond 300% of their original sizes.

Andrew Valkenburg has been photographing me.