In my reinterpretation of La Rate Blanche as prose incorporating classical mythology into image making, I had the pleasure of reinterpreting the heroine of the folktale, The White Rat along the lines of Demeter, Core & Persephone’s experience with Hades. From seascapes such as Gustav Le Gray’s The Sun at Zenith, Normandy, (ca. 1855), I learnt that for the sake of believability, it’s necessary to maintain consistent angles amongst light sources when creating an image from multiple negatives. Although this is fanciful, I kept to that principle as I layered: sky reflected on water, sculpture and light cutting.  This view is Demeter in her tear-drowned harvest pining over the loss of Persephone.

Light cutting ca. 2005. Photo montage from multiple Lomography Earl Grey B&W 35mm negatives produced in 2015.

Portfolio Item 6