For a long time, I have had to ask for Photographers whenever I’ve wanted to do anything.  Ask, but not necessarily receive despite having asked.  I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted because the Photographers I chose all had in common that they themselves were Artists, Designers or Thinkers. The end result that they always had an influence.  Because I’m open and susceptible to beauty and aesthetic wonder, I would somehow or another find myself relating to their way in interpreting my intention.  I created some work that I’m proud of because of this, but generally only after I spent countless hours manipulating their interpretation of Me back into Me.

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but this Summer, I realized that I wanted to take Photography courses to learn how to fulfill my objectives solely through my own hands.  Although I love learning, it has a tendency to take places in these classes with guidelines geared towards a generalized learner. Ones who may or may not have objectives and backgrounds similar to my own.  More often than not, they don’t share these.  To be exact, no one has the same kinds of objectives in my classes. Consequently, I asked for Independent Studies.  The beauty of this is that I prefer my own company when I’m working, thinking or thinking about work.  The biggest problem in this schematic is caused by my being able to work at my own ferocious pace.  I work through and sift through massive amounts of content and once they’re dismissed it’s difficult to go backwards and explain it to someone.  It’s a drag.  I’ll be happy when this is over!

I’m keeping this blog to communicate with my Instructor.  If you are other than she, you probably won’t find this of much use.  If you’ve come to this page looking for years of Musings, they’ll be back as soon as I get a chance to upload all the new material I’ve produced since taking the old site down.

Thank you!